About SMF Centre for Corporate Learning


SMF Centre for Corporate Learning (SMF CCL) was first formed as a corporate training and development centre to serve the needs of SMF member companies. Through the infusion of best practices and updated skill-sets, SMF CCL has been delivering value to the organisation at all levels of hierarchy.

At SMF CCL, we believe that the most important asset of any organisation is its people. We take pride in providing productivity improvement, manufacturing-related, thought-leadership and personal development programmes, empowering people with the knowledge needed to perform at their optimum. This in turn translates to greater competitiveness for the organisation.

Through the many programmes and seminars that it has developed, the services of SMF CCL have spread beyond the SMF membership group to reach out to companies and individuals seeking continuous education from all sectors. SMF CCL now actively collaborates with government agencies and established training centres to develop and deliver quality nation-wide programmes for maximum impact.

In 2010, SMF CCL worked with the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) to launch the WSQ Certified Productivity and Innovation Manager programme which provides a cost-effective and practical way for businesses to embark on the productivity improvement journey.

In 2011, due to our plans for continued expansion and the increased scale of our services and collaborations, SMF CCL is officially established as SMF Centre for Corporate Learning Pte Ltd. Through our continued efforts at responding to global business needs, as well as through our dedication to our corporate clients and individual learners, SMF CCL strives to be the preferred corporate training and development centre.