Combustor Airmotive Services Pte Ltd - WSQ Certified Productivity and Innovation Manager

Project Title: Combined Cell Layout Improvement Project
Project Implementation Date:  24th Aug – 2nd Dec 2011
Location: 10 Loyang Lane, Singapore 508916










Pratt & Whitney Global Service Partners’ facility, Combustor Airmotive Services Pte Ltd (CAS), is a world-class aircraft engine combustor and fuel nozzle repair and overhaul centre. Its capabilities include complete overhaul, repair and modification of PW4000, JT9D, V2500 and CFM56 combustion chambers; PW4000, V2500 and CFM56 fuel nozzles; PW4000 Stage 3 Low Pressure Turbine (LPT) duct assemblies; PW4000 High Pressure Turbine (HPT) Stage 1 supports, Heat Shields and Band Segments. It provides high quality repairs, fast turnaround times and competitive pricing.

CAS embraces the Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE) culture using its strategies and tools for all key processes. ACE has greatly contributed to the success of the organisation, and the improvements have propelled CAS to become a world-class repair and overhaul centre. In March 2007, CAS achieved the ACE Gold site award under the new Pratt & Whitney ACE criteria.

The main aim of the project was to improve productivity in the PW4000/V2500 chambers cells with a focus on analysing the process flow, manpower utilisation and cells layout. The project was launched as part of the plant re-layout to improve productivity by 30%, which included better utilisation of man hours, shop space and walking distance. The team also strived to establish optimal layout for the combustion chambers cells.

Through the WSQ CPI Manager programme and with close guidance from SMF consultants, the team applied the techniques such as periodic photo-taking of work samples, time study of work processes and VSM techniques. An assessment of the factors and weightage for the three different cells was also done, together with a PQ Analysis and Productivity compilation and trend. The main part of the project was to identify and reduce non-value added activities in the “main”, “auxiliary” and “unseen” categories. Optimal layout of cells was determined based on the walking distance, space, investment and easiness of implementation. In total, the team identified 38 items for improvement and have completed 37 to date.

Based on the pre-determined productivity indicators, the team noted an improvement in the physical productivity by 25%. This also resulted in cost-savings from direct labour cost of $116,920.

To sustain the productivity gain, CAS will continue to pursue improvement activities. The team will also impart Kaizen and the training knowledge gained to more staff in the company.

Quote from Ms Angeline J. Bilodeau, General Manager:

“The WSQ CPI Manager programme has brought significant and measurable improvements. Through the project, our employees learned how to maximise lean tools and this translated to shorter time to repair parts, reduced costs and a better working environment. New multi-functional sound proof welding booths were installed and all the technicians were involved in providing productivity improvements ideas. The project benefited CAS with a 30% gain in productivity, over $100,000 in cost savings and new available space to continue our growth journey”