Jia Jie Services Pte Ltd-SME QIANG

Jia Jie Services Pte Ltd was established in 2012 and has built up its reputation in the cleaning industry. They ride on the value of teamwork, dedication and commitment through good services to our value customers.

Jia Jie Pte Ltd took up SME QIANG and after the project, they have made several improvement. With certain processes being mechanized, there is now less strain on the physical well-being of the workers. They are able to not only clean faster with the new machines, but also better. With less strain placed on them, the cleaners feel less stressed at work and are able to put in more effort.

Cleaning process is shortened by half with the new equipment. For example, one of the cleaner’s job is to sweep the corridor of a 22-stories building. Previously, they use broom and sweep which take a longer time compared to the wide based mop they recently purchased.

Jia Jie also strongly encourage their workers to attend training, and feels that training helps in worker’s self-improvement.