Six Sigma Direct Black Belt

About Our Training Partner
 is the leader in implementing Six Sigma and Lean Flow, with areas of specialties such as DMAIC, DFSS and lean Flow. All consultants have extensive real world experience and years of dedication in providing Six Sigma training and implementation leadership in over 25 countries across all industries. Visit for more information.

During the Direct Six Sigma Black Belt training, participants will learn how to utilise advanced Six Sigma problem solving methods and statistical tools to analyse and solve complex problems.

Direct Six Sigma Black Belt is a combination of the Six Sigma Green Belt programme and the Six Sigma Black Belt programme.

Direct Black Belt Training - Part 1

● Six Sigma Introduction
● Six Sigma Project Definition
● Project Selection Process
● Six Sigma Deployment
● Process Mapping
● Input Prioritisation Tools
● Failure Mode Effect Analysis
● Minitab 16 Introduction
● Measurement Systems
● Capability Analysis
● Sample Size Selection
● Statistical Process Control
● Process Control Plan
● Project Plan & Deliverable
● Project Reviews
● Homework

Direct Black Belt Training Part 2

● Green Belt Part 1 review in Class Project
● Advanced Graphical Analysis
● Multi-Vari Planning
● Variation Trees and Funneling
● Hypothesis Testing
● Central Limit Theorem
● Statistical Analysis Roadmap
● Test for Mean with t-test
● One Way ANOVA
● Non-manufacturing Applications
● Correlation and Regression
● Multi-Vari Analysis
● Process Control Plan
● Project Plan & Deliverable
● Project Reviews

Direct Black Belt Training Part 3

● Green Belt Review Project
● Multiple Regression
● Advanced Multi-Vari
● Attribute Measurements
● Attribute Measurement Systems
● Sample Size Calculations
● Six Sigma for Service
● Managing Change
● Introduction to DOE
● Full Factorial Experiments
● Full Factorial Simulations
● Fractional Factorials Designs
● DOE Sample Size Selection
● In class DOE Project
● Project Planning & Deliverables
● Project Reviews Measurement

Direct Black Belt Training Part 4

● Design of Experiments Review
● Blocking in Experiments
● General Factorial Experiments
● Six Sigma Residual Analysis
● Non-Normal Data - Transformations
● Non-Normal Data in Experiments
● Sequential Experimentation
● Response Optimisation Designs
● Multiple Response Optimisation
● Transactional Improvements
● Simulations for Improvement
● Applied Experimentation
● Statistical Process Control
● Mistake Proofing
● Control Methods
● Project Closure and Synergy
● Class Project
● Integration of Lean
● Project Reviews

Six Sigma Black Belt is structured for Senior Officers, Senior Engineers, Managers and Organisational leaders attached to Six Sigma projects or any other process improvement and control initiative.

Minimum GCE ‘A’ Level

17 days of training conducted over 4 weeks for Direct Black Belt, 9am to 5pm

Upon completion of the respective programmes, each participant will be issued a Certificate of Completion jointly awarded by SixSigma.US & Singapore Manufacturers' Federation


Full Course Fee: $9,095.00


Please contact us for more information.

Telephone: 6826 3100
Fax: 6826 3113

Terms & Conditions

1. All notice of withdrawal must be given in writing before the issuance of letter of confirmation. Once confirmation letter is sent to participant, no cancellation will be allowed or penalty charges will apply.

If notice of withdrawal is received:

- At least 1 week before commencement of the course, a 20% of the full course fee will be charged. 

- Less than 1 week before commencement of the course, a 30% of the full course fee will be charged.
- No show on the scheduled date, a full course fee will be levied. 

Full course fee will be charged to participants who fail to meet the above-mentioned criteria.
2. When a course is cancelled, fail to commence or fail to complete under unforeseen circumstances, participant is allowed to defer the intake at no cost or withdraw from the course; under such situation, a full refund of the advance payment will be given.

3. Notice of change in participant’s name must be given in writing, not less than 5 days before the course commencement date.

4. SMF CCL reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify or otherwise alter these terms and conditions at any time. Such modifications shall become effective immediately upon the posting thereof.