The Enhanced Certified Productivity & Innovation Manager (CPI Manager)

The Enhanced Certified in Productivity and Innovation Manager

The Enhanced Certified in Productivity and Innovation Manager (CPI Manager) is designed for professionals, managers, consultants and project teams to be trained and developed as Productivity Champions or Change Agents within companies for operational excellence and to implement productivity and business innovation tools and initiatives at the enterprise level.

Join the pool of hundreds of participating companies in achieving significant productivity improvements with proven methodologies.


Unit 1: Introduction to Operational Excellence and Business Model Innovation

This module equips senior management with the knowledge and know-how to effectively deploy project teams, manage change and promote executive sponsorship. The training will also highlight key areas that are essential for achieving the breakthrough improvement in their business process performances.
Business Model innovation, or BMI, is defined as an innovative way to capture, create, develop and deliver value to the customer and market. Many SMEs in Singapore need to transform their business models which are becoming irrelevant. What we are witnessing today is an explosion of business model innovation that is not only changing the rules of the game but the entire game itself. Today, most business models integrate technological innovations in their strategies. These strategies need to consider factors including rising costs and availability of factors of production, changing customer demographics, environmental issues and competition.  Companies seeking to revamp their business models need to be innovative to stand out from the competition. This is where BMI comes into play.
Duration: 1 Day Classroom Training


Course Outline

 Formation of Work Teams

 Lead Workplace Team Activities

 Plan Workplace Safety and Health Activities

 Implement Safe Work Practices

 Jobs Redesign

 Business Innovation

Unit 2: WSQ Supervise Work Improvement Processes

This module aims to provide participants the essential supervisory training and skills in improvement of processes in the workplace.

Duration: 2 Days Classroom Training

Course Outline

 Plan work improvement activities

 Implement work improvement processes

 Standardise improved work processes

Unit 3: WSQ Supervise Quality Procedures

This module helps equip participants with fundamental supervisory knowledge and skills in achieving quality outcomes in their work processes.

Duration: 2 Days Classroom Training

Course Outline

 Plan daily quality control activities

 Facilitate and control process quality

 Maintain process quality

Unit 4: WSQ Implement Business Process Reengineering

This module focuses on the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes, to achieve dramatic improvements in critical, contemporary measures of performance such as cost, quality, service and speed. BPR advocates that enterprises return to the basics and re-examine their very roots and aim for total reinvention. BPR redesigns strategic and value-added processes that transcend organisational boundaries.

Duration: 4 Days Classroom Training

Course Outline

 Plan Process Re-engineering Strategies for Business

 Implement Process Re-engineering Strategies in an Organization

Unit 5: WSQ Implement Lean Six Sigma 

This module provides the knowledge and skills which connect to your business operations for maximum benefits.  In essence, companies will take more positively to skills and implementation outcomes.

Duration: 4 Days Classroom Training

Course Outline

 Introduction to Lean

 Lean Culture

 Value Stream Mapping

 Stability & Process Management

 Just-In-Time

 Measuring

 Sustaining

Implement Enterprise Productivity Improvement Project with Consultants 

Upon completion of the above modules, participants will undertake an identified Enterprise Productivity Improvement Project within their organization. Productivity Consultants will be assigned to guide the participants to implement the project and apply the knowledge and skills acquired from training, which will translate into better efficiency, actual productivity gains and business returns for the company.

Duration: 3 to 4 Months

 Workshop 1
- Review Work Flow Processes
- Genba Analysis

 Workshop 2
- Review Kaizen Hypothesis
- Set KPI Goals

 Workshop 3
- Review Kaizen Plans & Schedule
- Review Investments

 Workshop 4
- Confirm Results
- Prepare Closure Report


Complimentary (Optional)

• Business Model Innovation Class (1 day)


Written and Project Work

A WSQ statement of Attainment (SOA) will be awarded to participants that have completed each competency unit and passed the required assessment.

Please check with us for funding eligibility.

*Note: SMF Centre for Corporate Learning Pte Ltd reserves the right to correct any errors or misprints and adjust our prices according to any alteration of GST or any other changes beyond our control.     

*** For example, if a company signs up 4 staff for this programme, Units 1 to 5 will be calculated based on the number of participants sent. The Implement Enterprise Productivity Improvement Project will be based on a fixed fee as it is calculated on a company basis. Participants to be entitled to the funding must be either Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents.           

For non-SMEs, the project funding from SSG is up to 70% of the fees (excluding GST), subject to a cap of $18,760 per project. For SMEs, the project funding from SSG is up to 90% of the fees (excluding GST), subject to a cap of $24,120 per project.    

SMEs are defined as enterprises with:        

- Minimum 30% local shareholding; and        
- Company's Group annual sales turnover of not more than $100million; or        
- Company's Group employment size of not more than 200 workers.        



Telephone: 6826 3100
Fax: 6826 3113

Terms & Conditions

1. All notice of withdrawal must be given in writing before the issuance of letter of confirmation. Once confirmation letter is sent to participant, no cancellation will be allowed or penalty charges will apply.

If notice of withdrawal is received:

- At least 1 week before commencement of the course, a 20% of the full course fee will be charged. For government-funded course, a 20% of full course fee before funding will be charged.

- Less than 1 week before commencement of the course, a 30% of the full course fee will be charged. For government-funded course, a 30% of full course fee before funding will be charged.
- No show on the scheduled date, a full course fee will be levied. For government-funded course, a full course fee before funding will be charged.

2. For all government-funded programmes (WSQ & Non-WSQ), funding is only applicable to:
- Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents
- Participants who have achieved at least 75% attendance and passed all required assessments

Full course fee will be charged to participants who fail to meet the above-mentioned criteria.
3. When a course is cancelled, fail to commence or fail to complete under unforeseen circumstances, participant is allowed to defer the intake at no cost or withdraw from the course; under such situation, a full refund of the advance payment will be given.

4. Notice of change in participant’s name must be given in writing, not less than 5 days before the course commencement date.

5. SMF CCL reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify or otherwise alter these terms and conditions at any time. Such modifications shall become effective immediately upon the posting thereof.