TIP 2015! Technology for Innovation and Productivity - Seminar and Advisory Clinic

Sign up for this insightful talk and advisory clinic sessions organised by A*STAR and SiPi, and learn about the technology solutions and programmes to improve your company’s productivity and innovation now! Topics covered: RFID applications for field worker traceability, Handphone-based data entry, Smart Glasses, in-licensing and more!

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How A*STAR Can Assist Your Company in Productivity and Innovation?

Find out how A*STAR’s team for Technology Adoption Programme (TAP) can better help you assess your technology needs, and provide advice, facilitation to a more effective adoption of technology solutions!


  Program-by-Demo, a fast programming method for industrial robots

Online robot programming (i.e. lead-through or walk-through) from the manufacturing point of view is time consuming, tedious and unsafe. Although offline programming is inherently safer, it requires skilled engineers with expensive equipment/software for reverse engineering of work pieces without CAD models. As a result, long setup time for sometimes short robot operating time is expected. In this talk, a natural teaching and interactive programming method that shortens the setup time is presented. By fusing the captured user’s motion during operation and scanned point cloud of the local surfaces, the path tracking accuracy and reliability can be enhanced without any CAD information. The method is also able to suggest the work-piece location in the robotic work-cell to guarantee the path executability of the generated trajectories. To further ease the programming effort, the proposed method can automatically generate the robot program (currently only Motoman’s and ABB’s robots are supported) based on the taught information. The developed interactive robot programming by demonstration is particularly useful for high-mix low-volume (HMLV) operations in the SME context where cost and setup-time are the main concerns.



Common Technology Applications to Boost Productivity
1. Handphone-based data entry for report generation, service request and data base.
2. RFID-based field worker tracking for payroll generation & project labour cost computation
3. Maximizing machine effectiveness through overall equipment effectiveness methodology

HP based data logger
The eDataLogger is a low cost productivity android app that can reduce the overall back-office manpower and cycle time for site inspection and service report generation during on-site customer visit.  With eDataLogger, site worker can generate high quality report (for example with company letter head, image and formatting) on site in 3 simple steps, and the data can be exported for further analysis. Other than service providers, eDataLogger can be applied for other industries such as manufacturing (for example inspection sheet and in process quality control sheet), retail business (for example membership registration) and event organising (for example visitor registration).




  Tea Break



  Using Smart Glasses with Snap2Tell

Wearables technology, especially smart glasses, has great potential to improve productivity, enhance safety and reduce costs for enterprise, such as the manufacturing, maintenance, inspection, healthcare industries. Snap2Tell is a ready-to-go solution which has been licensed and deployed in many companies in the retail, advertisement and education domains. In this talk, we will be demonstrating the capabilities of Snap2Tell on smart glasses and the potential impact this technology can have on the industry.



  In-licensing - An alternative model to growing your business

Find out how in-licensing can grow your business more productively!



  Introduction to Singapore Innovation and Productivity Institute (SiPi)

Complementary to technology, SiPi focuses on methodology-based improvements and innovation to help companies improve their bottomline and productivity. Find out how SiPi can help streamline your operational processes before embarking on technology solutions!



  SME Sharing – Alan Chua, Concorde Security

Main Awardee of SMF Business Model Innovation Award 2014, Concorde Security’s Managing Director shares how his Business Model Innovation receives an extra boost with A*STAR’s assistance on ready technology.




  Lunch Break



  Technology Advisory Clinic (4 parallel tracks)

 1.  I2R  

 2.  SIMTech   

 3.  Technology Adoption Programme (TAP) & GET-Up & Exploit Technologies (ETPL) 

 4.  SiPi  & SME Centre