Enterprise Training Support (ETS)


As a leading corporate training and development centre, SMF Centre for Corporate Learning (SMF CCL) has been delivering value to organisations at all levels of hierarchy through the infusion of best practices and updated skill-sets. This puts us in the best position to guide your company in tapping on the ETS scheme to exceed your business goals through driving your employees’ productivity, and helping you gain that competitive edge in the market.


The Enterprise Training Support (ETS) scheme developed by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and Ministry of Manpower (MOM) was announced in COS 2013, and aims to help you achieve the following outcomes:
 Raise your employees’ productivity and skills levels
 Attract and retain valued employees by developing good Human Resource (HR) and management systems and practices tied to training
 Attract and retain valued employees by helping you benchmark compensation and benefits to market rates


Companies must fulfil the following criteria to be eligible to tap ETS:
 Companies must be registered or incorporated in Singapore; AND
 New companies (i.e. companies who have not subscribed to any of WDA’s funding schemes previously); OR
 Companies who have tapped on earlier WDA schemes, but they will not qualify for specific grant components if it was supported under the earlier schemes, e.g. HR Development Grant and Capability Grant


The funding period of the programme lasts from now till 31 March 2015. The funding package comprises the following:

To sign up or find out more details, please contact:

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