WSQ Perform Stock Control and Housekeeping Operations

This course aims to provide people currently working in or wishing to enter the logistics environment with the skills and knowledge required to perform their jobs effectively and in a setting within the manufacturing sectors.


This course is developed to enable an individual to acquire the skills and knowledge in performing stock control and housekeeping operations. It includes applying stock taking procedures, controlling non-conforming products and performing housekeeping.


This course is specially developed by Singapore Workforce Development Agency to facilitate approved organisations under the WSQ scheme in training and preparing their staff to achieve the Statement of Attainment (SOA) for the competency unit “Perform Stock Control and Housekeeping Operations.”

Programme Objective

At the end of the training programme, the participant will be able to perform the following:


  1. Apply stock taking procedures
  2. Control non-conforming products
  3. Perform housekeeping

Programme Outline

1. Apply Stock taking procedure


  • Purpose of stock take plan and its respective details
  • Activities when preparing stock take area
  • Organisational stock take procedure
  • Importance of cut-off time when performing stock take
  • Definitions of cyclical count, spot checking and annual stock taking
  • Types of stock take documentation
  • Types of stock discrepancies
  • Organisational safety and health requirements


2. Control non-conforming products


  • Types of non-conforming products
  • Methods to segregate non-conforming products
  • Organisational procedures to label non-conforming products
  • Organisational procedures to record and report non-conforming products
  • Implications of not following procedures relating to non-conforming products


3. Perform Housekeeping


  • Purpose of warehouse layout plan
  • Concept of 5S as a guideline
  • Stock arrangement methods
  • Cleaning and maintenance techniques
  • Workplace safety and health practices when performing housekeeping

4. Review and Skills Practice

This course adheres to the SSG Skills Framework <Perform Stock Control and Housekeeping Operations-GMS-LOG-1101-1.1> . Trainees who attended at least 75% of the scheduled class, demonstrated competency in the WSQ assessment, and participated during the scheduled class will receive the e-certificate with the aforementioned skills under the SSG Skills Framework.


Programme Fee

*Course fees before GST

**Funding is subjected to approval

Note that purchases of goods and services from GST-registered businesses will be subject to GST at 9% GST. The GST amount calculated will be based on full course fees.



Learners are assumed to:


  1. Be able to listen, read, speak and write English at a proficiency level equivalent to the Employability Skills System (ESS) level 2
  2. Be able to manipulate numbers at a proficiency level equivalent to Employability Skills System (ESS) level 2
  3. An applicant must be at least 18 years of age on admission to the programme

Terms & Conditions

1. All notice of transfer/withdrawal / deferment must be given in writing and submitted at least 2 weeks prior to course commencement.


2. An administrative fee of $60 (GST inclusive) will be imposed if notice is received less than 2 weeks.


3. If notice of withdrawal is received:
– At least 1 week before commencement of the course, a 20% of the full course fee will be charged. For government-funded course, a 20% of full course fee before funding will be charged.
– Less than 1 week before commencement of the course, a 30% of the full course fee will be charged. For government-funded course, a 30% of full course fee before funding will be charged.
– No show on the scheduled date, a full course fee will be levied. For government-funded course, a full course fee before funding will be charged.


4. For all government-funded programmes (WSQ & Non-WSQ), funding is only applicable to:
– Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents.
– Participants who have achieved at least 75% attendance and passed all required assessments.
– Full course fee will be charged to participants who fail to meet the above-mentioned criteria.


5. Certificates or Statement of Attainment or Certificate of Attendance will only be issued to participants who have achieved 75% attendance and undergo assessment (if applicable).


6.When a course is cancelled, fails to commence or fails to complete under unforeseen circumstances, participant is allowed to defer the intake at no cost or withdraw from the course; under such situation, a full refund of the advance payment will be given.


7. Notice of change in participant’s name must be given in writing, no less than 5 days prior to course commencement.


8. SMF reserves the right to change the venue, cancel or postpone the event without prior notice and full refund will be given under such circumstances. Such modifications shall become effective immediately upon the posting thereof. Please approach your account manager for more queries.


9. SMF Centre for Corporate Learning Pte Ltd has a Data Protection Policy which provides more information about how we collect, use and disclose your personal data. Please click the link below to know more.

Appeal Process

1. The candidate has the right to disagree with the assessment decision made by the assessor.


2. When giving feedback to the candidate, the assessor must check with the candidate if he agrees with the assessment outcome.


3. If the candidate agrees with the assessment outcome, the assessor & the candidate must sign the Assessment Summary Record.


4. If the candidate disagrees with the assessment outcome, he/she should not sign in the Assessment Summary Record.


5. If the candidate intends to appeal the decision, he/she should first discuss the matter with the assessor/assessment manager.


6. If the candidate is still not satisfied with the decision, the candidate must notify the assessor of the decision to appeal. The assessor will reflect the candidate’s intention in the Feedback Section of the Assessment Summary Record.


7. The assessor will notify the assessor manager about the candidate’s intention to lodge an appeal.


8. The candidate must lodge the appeal within 7 days, giving reasons for appeal together with the appeal fee of $108.00 (inclusive of 8% GST).


9. The assessor can help the candidate with writing and lodging the appeal.


10. The assessment manager will collect information from the candidate & assessor and give a final decision.


11. A record of the appeal and any subsequent actions and findings will be made.


12. An Assessment Appeal Panel will be formed to review and give a decision.


13. The outcome of the appeal will be made known to the candidate within 2 weeks from the date the appeal was lodged.


14. The decision of the Assessment Appeal Panel is final and no further appeal will be entertained.


15. Please click the link below to fill up the Candidates Appeal Form.

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