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Premier Partner for Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM)

Upgrade your knowledge and skills with our comprehensive APICS certified programmes.

Develop A Risk Management Implementation Plan

Learn the knowledge and skills to be a Risk Management Champion for your organisation in reducing risks at source by managing the risk management process at the workplace.

WSQ Operate Forklift

Jointly developed by the industry and facilitated by Skillsfuture Singapore (SSG), Ministry of Manpower (MOM), and Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC). This course provides a competency-based approach to training forklift operators. 

Career Conversion Programmes (CCP)

Designed for mid-career PMETs (Professionals, Managers, Executives, and Technicians) to undergo skills conversion and progression into new occupations or sectors. The CCPs’ industry-recognised training allows companies a wider pool of candidates when hiring.


Corporate Training Courses

SMF Centre for Corporate Learning caters to corporates and individuals that are looking into developing skillsets that suit their career interests and goals.

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SMF CCL offers employment and training services such as job placement, career counseling and guidance, and training advisory.